Tokyo 2020

German gymnasts take stand against objectification of female athletes in Tokyo

Female gymnasts representing Germany at the Tokyo Olympics opted to wear full-length bodysuits during the qualification rounds on the 25th of July, becoming the latest athletes to take a stand against uniforms that they say are unnecessarily revealing and uncomfortable – more so than the clothing required from their male counterparts. 

This follows the Norwegian women’s beach handball team receiving a €1,500 fine for “improper clothing,” by the European Handball Association's Disciplinary Commission, after the team refusing to play in bikini bottoms – instead opting to wear shorts - during their bronze medal match at the Euro 2021 tournament. 

Under international rules, female gymnasts are permitted to wear full-body suits as long as the colours uniformly match. ‘The aim is to present themselves aesthetically—without feeling uncomfortable,’ stated the German Gymnastics Federation.

'We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable,' said German gymnast Sarah Voss regarding the team's use of ankle-length leotards instead of suits that end at the hip. 'We show everyone that they can wear whatever they want and look amazing, feel amazing, whether it is in a long leotard or a short one.'

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