Qatar secures first place at the Qatar International Four-Nation Handball Championship

Qatar defeated Iran 35-24 in the final game of the Qatar International Four-Nation Handball Championship, which was organized by the Qatar Handball Association (QHA) with the participation of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iran.

Qatar sealed first place with three victories over Kuwait 32-19, Saudi Arabia 25-18, and Iran 35-24.

Also, Saudi Arabia beat Kuwait 29-28.

QHA President Ahmed Al Shaabi praised the level witnessed by the Qatar International Four-Nation Championship, stressing that it had achieved its goals.

Al Shaabi said that the tournament is part of the Qatar National Handball Team preparation for the 20th Asian Men's Handball Championship in Saudi Arabia in January, which qualifies for the 2023 World Men's Handball Championship in Poland and Sweden.

QHA Secretary-General Mohammed Jaber Al Mulla said that Qatar's victory in the three matches of the international championship reflects the great seriousness of the technical staff to reach the maximum readiness before participating in the 20th Asian Men's Handball Championship.

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