Ministry of Culture and Sports to set up Qatar Endurance Club

The Ministry of Culture and Sports yesterday announced the establishment of Qatar Endurance Club (QEC), which will be concerned with organizing horse endurance races, and serving the requirements of these races, horse owners and practitioners of this sport.

The registration process for members who want to join QEC will start at Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club today for a period of 14 days that can be extended.

Qatar Endurance Club is established with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to establish an entity that combines the elements of this type of equestrian sport and achieves the aspirations for developing the practice of this sport which represents an important aspect of equestrian sport. The horse endurance races were previously organised under the umbrella of Qatar Endurance Committee.

Nominations for electing the club’s management, which consists of a President and a Vice- President, will be announced in the coming period.

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