Champion Charles Oliveira Predicts Islam Makhachev's Reign as UFC Lightweight Champion

Champion Charles Oliveira Predicts Islam Makhachev

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Charles Oliveira predicts that Islam Makhachev will maintain his UFC lightweight championship title, first against Dustin Poirier and potentially against Arman Tsarukyan.

In the upcoming main event at UFC 302, Makhachev is set to square off against Poirier, Oliveira believes that Poirier doesn't hold the advantage in a five-round showdown. Despite Poirier's track record, with only four losses since transitioning to lightweight in 2015, including three championship bouts against formidable opponents (Max Holloway, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Charles Oliveira), Oliveira remains confident in Makhachev's abilities.

Oliveira emphasizes Makhachev's proficiency in grappling, suggesting that any striker facing him is likely to succumb to his ground game, even though a single well-placed strike could alter the outcome. Recognizing Poirier's knockout potential, Oliveira acknowledges the unpredictability of MMA but ultimately favors Makhachev to retain the title.

Reflecting on his own victory over Poirier and a recent split decision loss to Tsarukyan, Oliveira dismisses Tsarukyan as a significant threat to Makhachev due to Makhachev's evolving skill set both standing and on the ground.

While acknowledging MMA's unpredictable nature, Oliveira maintains his confidence in Makhachev's experience, focus, hunger, and strength compared to Tsarukyan, expressing his belief that Makhachev will emerge victorious in any potential matchup.