UFC 300 live updates: Detailed play-by-play coverage of each bout straight from Las Vegas.

UFC 300 live updates: Detailed play-by-play coverage of each bout straight from Las Vegas.

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In the main event, light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira (9-2 MMA, 6-1 UFC) defended his title for the first time against former champion Jamahal Hill (12-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC), who relinquished the title six months after winning it due to injury.

In the co-main event, women's strawweight champion Zhang Weili (24-3 MMA, 8-2 UFC) faced Yan Xiaonan (15-3 MMA, 8-2 UFC), marking the first all-China title fight in UFC history.

The BMF belt was up for grabs in a clash between current titleholder Justin Gaethje (25-4 MMA, 8-4 UFC) and former longtime featherweight champion Max Holloway (25-7 MMA, 21-7 UFC), who moved up to lightweight for the fight.

UFC 300 also showcased the much-anticipated entrance of two-time Olympic gold medalist and two-time PFL champ Kayla Harrison (16-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) into the promotion as she faced former women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm (15-6 MMA, 8-6 UFC). Adding to the excitement, the event boasted the presence of five other former UFC champions, making it arguably the most star-studded card in the company's history.

Kayla Harrison vs. Holly Holm

Round 1 – It's Kayla's long-awaited moment in the spotlight. Let's see how she handles it. ... Well, surprise, surprise, it's HOLLY HOLM who takes control after deflecting a high kick. Holly gets thrown, but cleverly uses the momentum to end up in a dominant position. Kayla quickly gets back up, and they're still locked in the clinch. Oddly enough, Holly doesn't seem keen on separating. What a curious strategy. This hands Kayla the opportunity to unleash some ground-and-pound. It's not looking good for Holly with 2:20 remaining. Kayla is raining down elbows, some of which are landing flush. She's now standing, delivering a ground-and-pound masterclass with 90 seconds left. More punches, more elbows. If Holly survives this round, she needs to seriously reconsider her tactics. Holly absorbs more punishment. Overall, a superb start for Kayla. Not quite a 10-8 round, but a decisive 10-9 from my perspective.

Round 2 – Holly's strikes seem to lack power after the grappling exchanges in Round 1. A well-executed head kick almost connects cleanly, followed by a smooth double-leg takedown that transitions into a guillotine attempt. Kayla displays excellent movement, clinching with Holly and executing another hip toss. She secures Holly's back, putting her in a precarious position once again. And there it is, the rear-naked choke for the finish. That was far too straightforward. Holly's peculiar strategy only made it easier.

Charles Oliveira vs. Arman Tsarukyan

Round 1 – Just 30 seconds in, we witness a significant moment: Tsarukyan aims high with a kick as Oliveira goes for a calf kick, causing Tsarukyan to hit the mat. Oliveira seizes the opportunity with a tight guillotine choke, but Tsarukyan miraculously escapes, finding himself now trapped under Oliveira's mount. The intensity eases slightly with three minutes remaining, but the danger persists. Oliveira maintains his dominant position, but Tsarukyan manages to reverse it, landing in Oliveira's guard with 2:30 left. Despite an elbow landing, Oliveira utilizes over hooks to defend against ground-and-pound. With 1:10 remaining, Oliveira releases the over hooks, inadvertently kicking Tsarukyan in the face. Tsarukyan receives a warning after being checked by the doctor. They restart with Tsarukyan still on top, but Oliveira manages to land a knee and an elbow before the round concludes. Oliveira claims the round 10-9 due to his near finish and control in the first half.

Round 2 – Oliveira starts with a solid right hand, but Tsarukyan absorbs it well. Tsarukyan surprises with an axe kick, followed by a level change that briefly takes Oliveira down. After returning to their feet and clinching near the fence, Tsarukyan secures a takedown with three minutes left. Despite Oliveira's adept defense, Tsarukyan manages to land some elbows. Oliveira attempts to counter from the bottom with elbows, but Tsarukyan narrowly misses with punches. As the round progresses, Tsarukyan's strikes cause Oliveira to bleed profusely. Oliveira attempts a triangle choke as the round ends, but Tsarukyan survives. This round goes to Tsarukyan 10-9, setting up an intriguing final frame.

Round 3 – Both fighters exchange blows at the beginning, then separate after a minute of clinching. With three minutes left, the round remains up for grabs. Both fighters display caution, with Oliveira landing a nice body kick and Tsarukyan attempting a high kick followed by a takedown. Tsarukyan secures Oliveira's back, but fails to capitalize significantly. Oliveira attempts a D'Arce choke in the final moments, but Tsarukyan survives until the horn. It's a tough round to score, but Oliveira takes it 10-9, securing a close 29-28 victory on my card.

Justin Gaethje vs. Max Holloway

Round 1 – Holloway smoothly dodges Gaethje's initial big right hand. The action kicks off with a solid left from Holloway, met by Gaethje's calf kick that briefly floors Holloway. Responding swiftly, Holloway lands another left while Gaethje counters with an overhand right. A left hook from Holloway stuns Gaethje, who manages to weather the storm without conceding. Despite the temptation to press on for a finish, Holloway opts for patience, delivering a calculated two-punch combo. A quirky moment unfolds as Gaethje slips on the canvas while closing the distance. The round concludes with Holloway executing a stunning spinning kick as Gaethje advances, clinching a 10-9 score in favor of Holloway. Gaethje possibly suffers a broken nose.

Round 2 – Gaethje's broken nose is evident, with blood staining his face. The round progresses until Holloway accidentally pokes Gaethje in the eye with 3:30 remaining, causing a brief pause. Despite the setback, Gaethje returns to the fray, facing potential vision impairment and difficulty breathing due to his bloodied nose. Holloway displays quick footwork, darting in and out to land strikes. Another eye poke from Holloway interrupts the action briefly, but Gaethje soldiers on. With about 1:20 left, Holloway sticks to his game plan, while Gaethje counters with a well-timed leg kick. The round ends with Holloway landing two solid strikes, earning him another 10-9 round.

Round 3 – Both fighters exchange body kicks in the opening minute. Despite Gaethje's damaged nose, he lands a solid right, met by a sturdy left hook from Holloway. Holloway maintains control with crisp striking, stunning Gaethje with a right hand followed by a one-two combination. Gaethje responds with leg kicks, but Holloway continues to dominate. With less than a minute remaining, Gaethje struggles to breathe due to his injured nose, while Holloway remains relatively unscathed. Another round goes convincingly to Holloway, securing a 30-27 lead.

Round 4 – As the fight progresses into the so-called "championship rounds," Gaethje starts more aggressively, landing a few shots while Holloway focuses on body work. Despite Gaethje's efforts, Holloway connects with a stiff right, exacerbating Gaethje's breathing difficulties. Gaethje counters with a jab that snaps Holloway's head back, but Holloway retaliates with an uppercut. Gaethje scores a knockdown with a hard right, causing Holloway to cover up and recover. Gaethje takes the round 10-9.

Round 5 – The final round unfolds with Holloway looking to avoid Gaethje's power shots. Holloway initiates with a strong start, landing another spinning back kick. Gaethje withstands Holloway's barrage, attempting to stay close in the final minute. With 2:30 remaining, Holloway lands another right hand, while Gaethje narrowly misses with an overhand right as Holloway delivers kicks to the body. Gaethje tries to close the distance with low kicks in the last 14 seconds, and both fighters engage in a wild exchange as the final seconds tick away. In an astonishing turn of events, Holloway knocks out Gaethje cold with just one second left on the clock.

Zhang Weili vs. Yan Xiaonan

Round 1 – Yan initiates with a solid punch early on, but Zhang responds with a powerful leg kick, causing Yan to stumble. The fighters engage in a fierce clinch against the fence, showcasing their aggressive intent. After separating, Yan charges forward with swinging strikes, met by a precise counter left from Zhang. Yan swiftly takes Zhang down with a trip but opts to stand again. Yan lands a stiff right that momentarily drops Zhang, who manages to rise, though clearly rattled. Zhang narrowly avoids a potentially devastating spinning back fist and retaliates with a right hand before throwing Yan to the mat, securing side control. Zhang attempts a rear-naked choke in the final seconds, but Yan miraculously survives, staggering back to her feet. A dramatic end to the round favors Zhang, scoring it 10-9.

Round 2 – Zhang capitalizes on her grappling prowess, swiftly taking Yan's back and securing side control. Despite Yan's resilience, Zhang maintains dominance, unleashing a barrage of punches from the top position. Yan escapes an arm-triangle choke attempt and reverses the position, but Zhang remains composed. The round ends with both fighters standing, with Yan displaying toughness but ultimately yielding to Zhang's dominance. A dominant round for Zhang earns her a 10-8 score, extending her lead to 20-17.

Round 3 – Yan showcases her striking skills, knocking Zhang down twice with powerful right hands. Zhang opts to stay grounded, prompting a stalemate before being stood up by the referee. A hard body kick from Zhang momentarily shifts momentum, but Yan responds with aggressive striking and a takedown. Yan controls the stand-up exchanges, securing a comeback round with a 10-9 score. The momentum shifts in Yan's favor as she closes the gap.

Round 4 – Yan continues her onslaught, dropping Zhang with counter right hands and forcing the fight to the mat. Zhang displays patience in maintaining control, utilizing ground-and-pound strikes to neutralize Yan's offense. Despite Yan's brief attempts to escape, Zhang asserts dominance, securing another 10-9 round with her controlled performance.

Round 5 – Zhang starts strong with a head kick, followed by a takedown, maintaining control for the majority of the round. Despite Yan's efforts to return to her feet and land strikes, Zhang's grappling expertise secures her the round and the fight with a 10-9 score. The judges' scorecards likely favor Zhang, sealing her victory at 49-45.

Alex Pereira vs. Jamahal Hill

Round 1 – The action starts with both fighters exchanging leg kicks. The first minute sees no significant punches. Pereira lands a solid body kick, swiftly countered by Hill with a short right hand. Hill attempts a high kick, but Pereira anticipates it and blocks effectively. A momentary halt occurs as Hill accidentally strikes Pereira below the belt, prompting the referee's intervention. However, Pereira disregards the pause, pushing the referee aside, and then delivers a devastating left hook that swiftly ends the fight. A remarkable finish from "Poatan," showcasing his boss-like dominance.