Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show set for grand entrance on global stage

Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show set for grand entrance on global stage

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The equestrian world eagerly anticipates the inaugural edition of the Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show, set to make a grand entrance onto the global stage under the esteemed patronage of President of Qatar Olympic Committee and Al Shaqab Chairman H E Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani.

Scheduled to take place tomorrow and on Saturday, this prestigious event will unfold at the iconic Al Shaqab indoor and outdoor arena, marking a significant milestone for Arabian horse enthusiasts.

This equestrian spectacle is poised to be an unforgettable experience, uniting a total of 272 horses, including 70 from outside Qatar.

Hailing from Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, these magnificent creatures will compete for top honours in an exhilarating display of skill and grace.

The inaugural edition of the show boasts an esteemed panel of judges who will bring their expertise to evaluate and appreciate the prowess of these equestrian teams, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition: Renata Schibler (Switzerland), JosyEverars (Belgium), Helen Hennekens-van Nes (Belgium), Marek Trela (Poland), Robbie Den Hartog (Netherlands), Terry Holms (USA), Christine Valette (France), Soheil Sanati (Iran), Bassem Badr (KSA), Mohamed Mohsen (Egypt), Barbara Pfisner (Switzerland), Mohammed Hammad (Egypt).

Al Shaqab's Breeding & Show Manager and Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show Event Director Khalid Al Jehani (left) and Al Shaqab Protocol & International Relations Manager Dr Fahad Al Hajri during a press conference, yesterday.

At a press conference yesterday to officially launch the event, Breeding & Show Manager, Al Shaqab, and Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show Event Director Khalid Al Jehani said: “We believe that, within just a few editions, this show will establish itself as a “not-to-miss” yearly event for Arabian Show Horse owners, both locally and internationally. We are immensely proud to have the support of our sponsors who have made this event possible. The Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show has garnered significant attention from equestrian enthusiasts and experts worldwide, and the sponsors have played vital role in shaping this prestigious event.”

Al Shaqab International Arabian Horse Show is classified as a B show by the European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations (ECAHO), allowing winning horses to qualify for international shows of higher classification. This show not only showcases the beauty and grace of purebred Arabian horses but also celebrates the traditional and cultural significance of owning these magnificent creatures, reflecting the deep-seated love for Arabian horses in the community.

By highlighting the uniqueness of purebred Arabian horses both locally and internationally, the event underpins Qatar’s rich Arabian heritage, further strengthening its global presence in the equestrian community.

“The event does not cater only for lovers of equestrian sport. We also want to ensure that all spectators enjoy and experience the festive atmosphere. Thus, besides cafes and coffee corners, we also have a dedicated entertainment zone offering fun and educational activities for children of all ages,” Al Jahni added.

This show promises not only a world-class competition but also a celebration of the timeless bond between humans and these majestic Arabian horses. The two days of this event will be filled with thrilling competitions, breed presentations, and an opportunity for attendees to witness the grace and beauty of the Arabian horse.