2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

World Cup Qatar 2022 Stadium Seats To Feature "Made in Qatar" Logo

In line with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, Coastal Qatar's efforts in preparing to host the World Cup (Qatar 2022) represent a success story for the manufacturing sector in the country. The company has received financial support from Qatar Development Bank, which continues its efforts to support emerging Qatari projects and Qatari entrepreneurs, localizing local opportunities for small and medium-sized companies and enabling them to compete in global markets in order to strengthen the national economy.

Senior Manager, Customer Relations at Qatar Development Bank, Jassim Ibrahim Al Mohammadi, said: "We are pleased with this achievement of Coastal and the wonderful efforts made by all our Qatari companies in preparing and preparing for this huge global sporting event. Coastal is one of the national companies that we are proud of. An example for all Qatari industrial companies in Qatar and an inspiring success story for all. "

He added: "We offer at Qatar Development Bank many programs and financing and advisory services for industrial companies, whether at the level of loans and financing facilities or incubation in projects such as Ready 1 and Ready 2, or at the level of training courses, guidance and follow-up through the Model Factory Program and other specialized platforms. To develop industrial skills.

Al Mohammadi indicated that Qatar Development Bank is keen to make regional and global markets available to industrial companies through the Qatar Export Development Agency, the bank's export arm, and its various initiatives.

It is noteworthy that Coastal Qatar was established in the year 1979, and its business covers the sectors of construction, trade, metalwork, and project logistics, and has worked on a number of major projects in Qatar for a group of its clients, including Hamad International Airport, the headquarters of the Qatari Ministry of Interior, and the Qatar National Museum. And the Qatar National Library, in addition to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stadiums.

The company had initiated its contributions in the preparations for the World Cup Qatar (2022) during the development work witnessed by Khalifa International Stadium, which became the first stadium ready to host the World Cup.

The company's efforts included manufacturing, supplying and executing metal works, in addition to installing luxury hospitality seats, as well as providing seats for people with disabilities, which were redeveloped in the stadium, with the participation of about 160 workers and employees.

Throughout the stages of manufacturing fan seats for the 2022 World Cup stadiums, Coastal Qatar produced 600 seats per day (18,000 seats per month), under the supervision of 12 employees in the company's state-of-the-art factory, while the installation of seats in each stadium was undertaken by a team of about 120 workers.

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